Hobbit Hole

People need to be alone for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they need to take a video call, study for an exam, have a good cry, meditate, have a nap, sip tea, write, or simply read a book. My need to be alone was sometimes so desperate that I would go for a drive in my car just to get some mental space.

For people who live with others (family, roommates, boarding rooms) it can be hard to find the space and quiet to truly be alone and not be interrupted. For anyone who just needs a little alone time, I’m here for you. You can borrow my Hobbit Hole.

This is my Hobbit Hole she-shed. My husband built it for me so I could have some alone time. It’s 8′ by 6′ – big enough for one person to sit comfortably in the cushy chair. It’s insulated, has plenty of light, and it’s sparsely decorated (clutter isn’t calming!) It has a fake fireplace heater for cozy winter days, and a built in fan for hot summer days. The porthole windows open too! You can see more pictures HERE.

All I ask is that you bring me something. Nothing fancy, but something from the heart, whatever you’re capable of at the moment. It could be a flower, a painted rock, a poem, a drawing. Sing me a song, teach me a trick, tell me a joke, show me your moves. If you are not able to do anything creative, then a simple “thank you” will suffice.

There is no bathroom so you likely won’t stay more than a few hours. There’s electricity though, so you can plug in your phone or laptop. No smoking, no vaping, no drugs, no burning incence or candles, and no food (unless I bring you a snack plate because I tend to mother people and might leave a cup of tea and a plate of cookies at the door… sorry!) Just be a decent house guest and we’ll get along just fine.

The Hobbit Hole is located on the border of Kerrisdale/Dunbar. The #49 bus goes right by the house, and there is plenty of parking on the side street. Bicycles, ebikes, skateboards, hoverboards, unicycles, and flying brooms can be parked safely in the yard.

If you would like to use the Hobbit Hole for an hour or two, please email me at abruinn@gmail.com with your contact info and why/when you would like to BNBe alone. I’ll get back to you asap.